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Innovation profile: Flight Assembled Architecture

By Matthew Givens Beyond the war zone and the realm of imagination, automated drones are becoming an increasingly ubiquitous force in our daily lives. In particular, the potential applications for hovering micro air vehicles, such as quadcopters, could be transformative in many disciplines. Among these innovations, an architecture firm in Switzerland has begun to pioneer […]

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Innovation Profile: Skycatch

By Jesse Mathews With the increasing capabilities of new drones and technology, companies and individuals will come up myriad with new and innovated ways to use them. Skycatch is one of those companies. Skycatch allows you to hire out their drones and pilots for data capture services. It can provide site Annotations, 2-D measurements, 3-D measurements, […]

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Innovation Profile: Krossblade SkyProwler Multi-Mission VTOL Transformer Drone

By: Jeppesen Feliciano For many people, the first image that comes to mind when they hear the word “drone” is likely a military drone like the Predator. But the quadcopter is quickly becoming the poster-child of drone technology because it has been an effective and relatively simple design. Like many first generation models, capabilities are limited to […]

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By Kristoffer Edlund FAA Streamlines UAS COAs for Section 333 – 24 March 2015 As of last Tuesday, the FAA’s latest interim policy grants blanket approval to some commercial unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations under 200 feet. Previously, each application for a commercial UAS flight was reviewed individually under the guidelines of Section 333 Exemption […]

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