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As part of a two-part course at The University of Utah, students from the Honors College and Department of Communication team up here to discuss salient drone news, both foreign and domestic. We invite you to join us.

Just Released! The Utah Drone Report 2016

We are happy to announce the release of The Utah Drone Report 2016: Economic, Legal, Social, and Technological Trends. This report is the result of a semester-long project conducted by students in HONOR 3374, Drones and Society, in the Honors College at the University of Utah. The report describes the emerging drone industry in Utah and places it […]

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Ethics and Privacy of Private Drone Use

By Ben Anderson In the United States, there has always been a tug of war between protection of privacy and investigation rights of law enforcement and similar government agencies. With drones becoming more and more popular as a tech used both by private citizens and, more recently law enforcement, there are new areas in which […]

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The Top 3 Emerging Uses of Drones

By Alexander Reifsnyder In recent years, society has seen an increase in the popularity of drones, and a corresponding evolution of the connotation of the word drone. Drones are now typically thought of as a fun toy quadcopter, not a multimillion-dollar air strike platform. As with most booms in popular consumer technology products, the sudden and growing demand for […]

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FAA Over Regulation for UAVs

By Vincent Young With the implementation of Part 107 the FAA has opened the skies to the commercial use of drones, however there are still many legal hurdles, regulations, and guidelines that must be followed. The FAA has yet to update the rules governing hobbyist use of drones since the implementation the FAA Modernization and […]

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Soaring to Limited Heights

By Olivia Juarez As small unhumanned aircraft system (sUAS) technology has become increasingly accessible for hobbyists and commercial enterprise, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has had to contend with increasing demand for permitting commercial use of sUAS in recent months. As of August 29, 2016, the FAA set a pathway for commercial actors to employ drones with the Small […]

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