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Finding a Balance between Drone Technology and Privacy

By Rachel Nelson As drones have become a larger part of American culture, through increasing use by individual hobbyists, law enforcement agencies, news organizations and commercial businesses, many Americans are growing increasingly concerned for their right to privacy. A drone itself often does not pose a threat to privacy, however, the development of the technology […]

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Law of The Drones

By Keegan VanLeeuwen In March of 2015, Shawn Usman borrowed a commercial quadcopter from his friend and flew it around his apartment complex in Washington D.C. Being a relatively new drone pilot, Shawn lost sight of his friend’s drone and decided it must have landed somewhere near the National Mall. That same night, national media […]

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The Future of Drones in Police Work

By Connor Jensen When the computer was first introduced, law enforcement agencies were hesitant to use them in policing, many feared the new technology. However, today every law enforcement agency in America makes use of computing technology. Similarly, today’s drones are starting to see their way into police work. Police should be able to use […]

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Security from the Sky

By Avery Conner In 2011, drone history was in the making.  Commonly known and debated almost entirely for military use overseas, there was a switch in focus to homeland security in June when a Predator drone was used to help police arrest civilians in North Dakota in what “was hailed at the time as the […]

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