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The Future of Hobbyist and Commercial Drones: An Interview with Dr. Kam Leang

Dr. Kam Leang is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah where he is the director of the University’s Design, Automation, Robotics, and Control Lab (DARC Lab.) Here, he answers seven questions about the hobbyist and potential commercial uses of small unmanned aerial systems, or drones, and addresses the technical and […]

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Drones on Sets, the Farm, and in the Field

In the wake of several high-profile uses of domestic drones as a means of product delivery, unmanned aerial systems have capture the collective conscious of the collective public. There are some that argue that drones may never see widespread commercial utilization because of their impracticality or that they will be regulated into insignificance by the […]

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Weekly News Digest for September 14, 2014

Drones with cameras: A billion-dollar business? (9/10/2014) This article addresses the economic potential of drones associated with video production. The article centers around a former marine, Patrick Smith who has started a business constructing drones that can carry a variety of cameras. The drones and associated camera equipment range in price from $700 to […]

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