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Weekly News Digest for the Week of October 26, 2016

Report warns of ISIS developing drones for chemical attacks (Jamie Crawford, 10/20/2016) According to a report from the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at the US Military Academy at West Point, in an attempt to develop and implement new uses for drone technology in warfare at least four terrorist groups have programs in place to find […]

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Weekly Drones News Digest for October 24, 2016

TECH INSPIRED BY NIKOLA TESLA CHARGES DRONES IN MID-AIR. Kelsey D. Atherton. October 21, 2016 Students at Imperial College London have made the world’s first wireless flying drone. They were inspired by Nikola Teslas work and built off his tesla coils design. These students took a regular consumer drone and removed the battery from it. […]

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