Weekly News Digest for September, 2014, Pt. 2

UK Drone Decisions

While the United States debates the role of the drone programs, we sometimes forget that we are not the only nation with military drones currently in use. The advocacy group Reprieve has made motions to bring a lawsuit against the Reaper squadron operated by the RAF if they will not make it clear where the drones will be operated outside of Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. As one of the chief ally of the United States, what the UK ultimately decides in regards to their drones will likely have an effect on the American program.

Chinese Copycat Drone Surfaces

In photos purportedly from the “Peace Mission 2014” military exercises in August of 2014, which included China, Russia, and other Central Asian states, we can see the Chinese  ‘Pterodactyl’ UAV. As noted by other readings from this class, though the United States is currently the only state with a large and currently operating drone fleet, other states are sure to follow suit, and that day is apparently not far off.

Google Tests Internet Supplying Drones

Google has filed a request with the FCC to fly and test drones to deliver internet in New Mexico. Notably of course however, Google has already been testing delivery drones, but has been operating those abroad because of disagreements with the FAA. So far, reports on this foray into internet drones has not mentioned involvement by the FAA. This is likely though to put even more pressure on the FAA to clarify the drone situation.