Weekly News Digest for September 14, 2014

Drone Businesses Soar in Canada, as FAA Grounds US

This article explains how due to the FAA’s rules that drones can only be used by “hobbyists” has restricted their use by company’s and organizations within the US.  These drones however in Canada are being used widely by many different businesses.  This is because the laws in Canada allow these businesses to apply for a single permit explaining their use of the drone and normally receive the permit in 10 to 20 business days.  This has allowed for an environment of drone innovation in Canada currently while the laws concerning drones are still being worked out by the courts in the US.



Universities Pave the Way for Drone Testing

This article talks about the fact that universities have been and are continuing to be very important in pushing for and providing areas for innovation.  Recently the FAA even announced six new testing grounds with three of them being at the Universities of Alaska, Texas A&M, and Virginia Tech.  These test sites allow both the universities and businesses to test out and innovate these unmanned aircraft systems in preparation for their future commercial use.



It’Snot Unusual for Drones to Help Stressed Whales

This article talks about an innovative new drone being designed in order to help measure stress levels of whales.  Whales in the modern world are constantly stressed out by shipping, tourists and other factors causing them to produced mucus filled with stress hormones which they release through their blow hole.  However traditional ways of measuring these levels by researchers can cause more stress simply by having to drive a motor boat out to the whale.  However students in  Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts have designed a Snot bot that can fly out to the whale and measure these levels.  This shows the continuing innovation of drone technology and it’s potential large use in many fields like marine biology.