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Weekly news digest for December 14, 2014

Will 2015 be the year that drones become art? Published December 19, 2014 In an interesting article by the Guardian, the creative side of the drone community is highlighted for their recent artistic contributions. The accessibility of drones has dramatically expanded in recent years and many performance artists have gotten a hold on them. Drones […]

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Extending our Senses Through Domestic Drones

UAVs are currently on the edge of dramatic innovation that will allow them to incorporate several new operating systems, sensors, navigation devices, and other advancements onto a single unit. New uses for these versatile systems will naturally follow, often in the initial form of military drones. This technology inevitably trickles down into civilian accessible supplies and resources, […]

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Making Drones More Accessible: An Interview with Timothy Reuter

I recently interviewed drone hobbyist, educator, and speaker Timothy Reuter. I asked him about his work to educate the public about drones, make drones more accessible to a wider, as well as about his thoughts on the future of drones. Lauren Peterson: Can you introduce yourself and some of the work that you’ve done? Timothy Reuter: Sure, my […]

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